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Joy Stealers

What are some things that steal our joy?
1. Bad teaching about God. God’s doesn’t punish his children. He disciplines them so that he might lavish his love on them. Get your view of God right.
2. Lack of daily worship/prayerlessness. You are a pillar of fire, child of God. When you leave your worship behind, you are like a dry, empty temple.
3. Passive men (and women). If you know the right thing to do and you don’t do it, it’s sin (Jas 4:17).
4. Grudge holding (Eph 4:26-31). Be the first to say, “Forgive me.” Defuse anger quickly so you can be a blessing in the relationship.
5. Gossip. Manufacturing gossip or words that tear down the reputation of others will never add any joy to your life. On the other hand, when you use your words to build into the lives of others you bring joy to you and them as well.
6. Approval Seeking. Being liked by everyone is so overrated. It’s much better to have God’s approval and love others from a genuine place, instead of neediness.
7. Negative self-talk. We often let lies from Satan or others sneak in and destroy us. Instead, preach the Word to yourself! Let God’s Word pour in and over and through your life.
8. Living in the past. You are a new creation!
9. Fear of the future. Whatever your future holds, it means conformity to Jesus!

-by Pastor Matt Black