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Christ’s “forever family” at Living Hope

Membership is more than simply a statement of where you worship, it is a commitment to the mission and ministries of the Body of Christ and His “forever family” at Living Hope Bible Church.  Members serve together as we experience intimacy with God, influence in our community, inspire across the nation, and impact in the world with the Gospel of Christ!  As you connect with this local body of believers, you can develop a deeper sense of significance and belonging in the family of God.

To become a member in our Living Hope Church family, there are some simple requirements each individual must meet.

Membership Process and Requirements 

1. Complete a Membership Application

Click here for a Membership Application that you can fill out and return to us by email. A Membership Application provides us with information about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and involvement at Living Hope Church.  It includes the following information:

A Clear Testimony of Salvation
“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost” (Luke 19:10). At Living Hope Church we want you to experience an intimate walk with Christ. To do this you must first understand your need for a savior and Christ’s sacrifice on your behalf.  Our members each have a personal testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ. You will be asked to write your testimony of how and when you first invited Christ into your life. One of the Pastors would be glad to help you as you write it. Usually the format is as follows:

  • My Life Before Christ
  • How I Came to Know Christ
  • How My Life Has Changed Since Coming to Know Christ
  • My Confession of Christ, “To me, Jesus Christ is…”

You will also be asked (if you are able/willing) to share your story verbally during the membership interview. Your testimony is a very personal experience. One of the greatest joys the ministry staff and elders have is hearing your story. It is a cause for celebration and thanksgiving! Some people have never articulated their story. We want to help you shape your story so that it is concise and clear. It can be one of the best ways to bring others to Christ.

Believer’s Baptism
If you have not yet experienced the tremendous joy of being baptized as a believer, you will want to discuss this in your membership class.  If you have questions, please contact Pastor Matthew Black at 630-529-8949 or church@livinghopechurch.net.

Agreement with our Statement of Faith and Constitution
The purpose of our Statement of Faith and the Constitution is to provide the common understanding of the essential elements of our faith and the structure of Living Hope Church and to ensure that you are involved and invested in Living Hope Church. If you have specific questions please share these questions with one of the elders during your membership class.

2. Membership Interview

If all the requirements of membership are met, you will be contacted to meet at a convenient time with a pastor or elder for an interview.

3. Attend one of our membership classes

These interactive classes are designed to help you make an informed decision regarding membership at Living Hope.  You can watch our membership class online, or sign up for an upcoming class. For times and locations of upcoming classes, watch for them to be scheduled on the church calendar. To register for a membership class, e-mail the church at church@livinghopechurch.net.

Class 1: Why Church Membership?

Class 2: Church Doctrinal Statement

Class 3: Church Covenant

Class 4: Church Constitution

4. Share your testimony during the 9:30am Sunday School hour
Almost everyone who has become a member at Living Hope has given a public testimony of salvation to the congregation.  While this is not a requirement, we encourage all who come for membership to share their testimony with the congregation. Normally a person will simply read their testimony. Listen to many who have given their testimonies at Living Hope here.

  1. Approval by the Board of Elders
    The Elder Board will review and give final authorization to your membership. Once you are approved, we will welcome you into the church family after one of our morning worship services.

Download the Membership Packet

You may download the membership packet in either pdf or Word doc by clicking on the icons below.

MS Word

Membership Form


Membership Form

Constitution / Statement of Faith

Download the Constitution

Membership Class