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Free Christian Wallpaper and Other Resources

Teaching Resources

Keach’s Catechism (Coloring Book for Children)
Memorize the 10 Commandments in 10 Minutes
Pastor Al Martin Bible Institute Courses
Lectures by Greg Bahnsen

Bible Reading Guides
52 Week Guide (English or Spanish)
McCheyne’s Bible Reading Guide

Audio Bible Resources

In addition to reading the Bible this year, why not try listening to it as well? Many different options are available online.
Listener’s Bible–Max McLean’s recordings of either the ESV, KJV, or NIV available as CDs, MP3 CDs, or MP3 download.

Bible Gateway–a variety of versions can be listened to without charge

ESV Study Bible–audio versions available for those who own an ESV study Bible

ESV–Read and listen to the ESV Bible
Also, the Blue Letter Bible is a fantastic resource for Bible study, with Greek and Hebrew word tools as well as reputable commentaries.

Discipleship Guide
The Freedom Discipleship Guide is our curriculum for those who are either seeking to be saved or are new believers.
The Teacher’s Edition is available in PDF or Microsoft Word (DOC) format.
The Student Edition is also available in PDF or Microsoft Word (DOC) format.

Free Christian Wallpaper

Aurelius Augustine

John Wycliffe

John Hus

John Calvin

Martin Luther

John Bunyan

William Tyndale

Charles Spurgeon

A New Mind

All Things New

New Mercies

A New Creation

New Way of Life

New Covenant

New Heart

New Outlook

New Spiritual Life

New Universe

New Song

New Identity

Go to the Ant

Love One Another

Be Reconciled

Serve with Gladness

Follow Me

Light to my Feet

Unto the Least

Joy of the Lord

We will Serve the Lord

The Humble Exalted

Faithful Servant

Jesus Came to Minister

Jesus, the Glory

Jesus, Glory in the Church

My Glory

Jesus Glory to God