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Counseling Worksheets

Counseling Ministry

Living Hope has a robust counseling ministry. Biblical discipleship is a command from our Lord (Mt 28:18-20). We are called to be fitly joined together, building each other up in the love of Christ (Eph 4:11-16). Check out more about our counseling ministry here

The Heart

  Heart of Change Journal  Heart of Change Videos   Idols of the Heart Staircase   The Heart Chart: Anger, Fear, Despair, Foolishness   Two Hearts Diagram   My Identity in Christ 

The Gospel

  God Loves You

Christian Growth

  Progressive Sanctification   Flesh vs. Spirit   Put Off, Put On Worksheet    Basic Christian Discipleship Series   Godliness Through Discipline   Breaking Free from Controlling Thoughts  God’s Fingerprints  Biblical Sanctification   Biblical Repentance  Change Model  The Beatitudes  52 Week Bible Reading  How to Study the Bible  X Ray Questions (Idols of the Heart)  Biblical View of Self   Suffering and Complaining by Brad Bigney  Grace: The Missing Ingredient by Brad Bigney  Manifestations of Pride/Humility by Stuart Scott  Faith vs. Feelings by Brad Bigney   Fear of the Lord Study  Promises of God Study    Family Bible Guide  


  Finally Free Study Guide Building Blocks for Moral Purity   What the Bible Says About Porn


  Praying for Persecuted Countries


  Why Baptism?

Grief & Suffering

  Praying the Lament Psalms   Grief Support Class    Dealing with the Why of Suffering  


  Communication Guidelines   Marriage Communication Evaluation   4 Rules of Communication   The Conference Table (Marriage)   Honor Her (1 Peter 3:7)   25 Questions for Married Couples   Getting to Know You Questions 


  It Matters Who You Marry   Dating Committment Example


  Engagement  The Meaning of the Wedding Ceremony  Typical Wedding Program  Wedding Payment Guide (LHBC)  The Five Love Languages  The Five Love Languages Test  Putting Off Arguing (Crazy Cycle)  Marriage Inventory Questionnaire  Defining Love (1 Cor. 13)  Expressing Love (Husband/Wife)  Checklist for First Year Marriage  Business Travel Plan for Avoiding Impurity  Fighting Fair in Marriage  Conference Table Guidelines  Divorce and Unfaithfulness  Family Budget  Family Conflict Assignment  50 Questions to Ask Your Wife  How to be a Bargain for Your Mate  Questionnaire for Wife and Mother  Marital Problems Checklist  Marriage Homework  Appreciation List  Levels of Relationship in Marriage (Ice Cream Sundae Model)  Questions after Adultery  Rate Your Marriage  Respect for Husband Quiz  Trust Questionnaire  Unfaithfulness Assignment  Biblical Submission


  The Circle of Blessing  How to Raise a Pharisee  Family Devotions  10 Commandments Easy  Ways Parents Provoke Children to Anger  Behavior Goals  Child Manipulation  Child Rearing  Child-Centered or God-Centered?  Christ Centered or Child-Centered Home?  Steps for Child Discipline  Loving Discipline of a Child   Parent / Child Dedication


  Deacon Qualification Test  Elder Qualification Test  Elder Ordination Exam (Open Book)

Church Life

  Church Membership  Small Group Covenant  One Another Commands  Spectators vs. Disciple Makers  4 “Gs” of Conflict Resolution

Books and Manuscripts

  Growing and Changing in Christ  Song of Solomon-Passion, Purity, & Marital Fidelity  Marriage Enrichment Book  Christ in the Old Testament  Growing in Wisdom


  Stages of Counseling   Homework Form  Counselor’s Checklist  Giving Hope (Bible verses)  Verses for Biblical Counseling  Reading Report Form   S.O.S. Tool & Root to Fruit