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COVID-19:What is God saying to His Church?

Episode 1: Where is God in the Covid19 crisis?


Episode 2: Jesus is exalted in His church (Rev 1)


Episode 3: Don’t Lose Your First Love (Ephesus, Rev 2:1-7)


Episode 4: Stay faithful (Smyrna, Rev 2:8-11) and Flee Immorality (Pergamum, Rev 2:12-17)


Episode 5: Don’t Compromise (Thyatira, Rev 2:12-17)


Episode 6: Wake up to the Gospel (Sardis, Rev 3:1-6)



Episode 7: The Unshakable Church of the Open Door (Philadelphia, Rev 3:7-13)


Episode 8: Don’t Be Lukewarm! (Laodicea, Rev 3:14-22)


Finale Episode 9: God is speaking! Are you listening? Revelation 1-3