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Go to Jesus Music Project

It is our delight to make available to you various arrangements totally free of charge. Most of the songs were written by Matt and Jill Black and arranged by Mrs. Jodi Shaleen. A special thanks to Mr. Freddie Frankin, a world-class professional guitarist, music professor, and friend. There is no copyright, and you are free to make as many copies as you like as well as download and distribute the recordings, as long as you do not charge more than it cost you to produce. For further information, please contact us.

If you would like  a copy of the “Go to Jesus” CD, you may order it below.

1. Go to Jesus     PDF Sheet Music   Obligatto

2. Man of Sorrows (with Freddie Frankin)

3. The Price is Paid     PDF Sheet Music  Obligatto

4. O Sacred Head Now Wounded (with Freddie Frankin)

5. Refine My Heart     PDF Sheet Music

6. When God’s People Pray     PDF Sheet Music  Obligatto

7. Woe is Unto me     PDF Sheet Music    Obligatto

8. Holy, Holy, Holy     PDF Sheet Music

9. They that Sow in Tears     PDF Sheet Music

10. I am with You Always     PDF Sheet Music

11. My Jesus I Love Thee     PDF Sheet Music

12. Like Jesus Himself     PDF Sheet Music