6N171 Gary Avenue, Roselle, Illinois 60172

Nursery Ministry

General Guidelines

The nursery is open to nursing mothers and parents who may need a place to sit with their little one during the service. The nursery is staffed on Sundays at 10:30 for parents who wish to drop off their child, 2 years and under, to be cared for by nursery volunteers.

If your child is 3 and older, you may sit with them in one of the children’s Sunday School rooms. Please see Jill Black for more information.

There is a special room, located in the nursery, reserved for nursing mothers and mothers with infants, that provides more privacy.

The nursery may be used during Sunday School or other church events to provide parents a place to sit with their little ones. However, the nursery will not be staffed during these times for children to be dropped off. Please tidy up after yourself.

Illness Guidelines:

The following are guidelines to determine if you or your child are too ill to be in the nursery:

  • Fever over 100
  • Any undiagnosed rash or sores other than diaper rash
  • Any flu like symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting
  • On an antibiotic less than 24 hours
  • Yellow to green nasal discharge with low grade fever
  • You suspect you or your child are getting sick

NOTE:  If you have dropped off your child to be cared for by nursery volunteers, they will text you to come and pick up your child if your child appears to be sick or develops any symptoms while in the nursery.

Guidelines for Parents Who Choose to Drop Off Their Child~ Parents, please be aware of the following:

  • Please drop off your little one with a clean diaper (of course you are welcome to change them in the nursery. There are also changing tables in the Women’s and Men’s Bathrooms). A nursery volunteer will text you if a diaper needs changing during the service.
  • If your little one cries for more than 5-10 minutes, you will be texted. You can take them or you are welcome to sit and play with them in the nursery.
  • Please fill out the sign in sheet with your cell number and any special instructions and if your child can have a snack or not. We serve regular Cheerios and water for snack. You can bring your own snack for your child as well. If you have not filled out a registration sheet, please do so.
  • Please pick up your child as soon as the service is over.

*****NOTE:  If your child is having trouble sharing or playing (hitting, pushing, throwing toys, throwing a tantrum, etc.), and cannot be redirected, you will be texted to come and pick up your child or stay with them in the nursery. If your child bites, you will be texted immediately to come and pick up your child.

If you have any questions, please see Danette Barclay. Thank you!